andy (0328) wrote,

beer farts

i went to the bar last night for karaoke. i hated it. everyone there was a damned college student and they were all so condescending. it's like they were all trying to be better than everyone else. which is one of the many reasons i moved. and one of the main reasons i only go to the bar i go to on saturday nights. because people are just there to have fun and not be the best looking or just get laid. it's kinda nice to go to places like that sometimes.

on another note, i'm enrolling for summer classes this week. tiffany's taking me there. i'm going to take whatever clasees in photography and computer design i can. and if i have to take a core class then i'll take that as well. i've just decided that i need to start taking classes and there's no better time than the present since it's free.
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