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short weekend.

so i went to visit my family in columbia this weekend. helped out my grandma with a few household chores. went to see star wars with my uncle. had lunch with my aunt. all in all it was a pretty good weekend. thankfully next weekend is a four day weekend. and the military is very good at observing any holiday so luckily since i'm not working i'm going to be able to relax a bit.

speaking of star wars i guess i should give my two cents about it. unlike graham who obviously didn't like it. i found it rather interesting. far better than episode I. starting with the number one reason: jar jar had two lines and he was out of the film. thank the good lord. the acting sucked however. the story was kind of hard to follow and i'm kicking my own ass trying to figure out if senator palpatine is darth sidius or not. he looks too much like him. also, i just wanted to kick anakin in the junk the whole movie. first of all they should not have put that much of a responsibility on a paduin(sp?) learner, second, he was a little arrogant brat which i'm sure is what he was supposed to be portayed as but how are we supposed to support his and pamei's relationship as a wholesome one when he's obviously going to be a wife beater judging from the scene with the tuskan raiders. well, i don't want to tell too much but if you haven't seen it. see it, just to see it, but don't go expecting anything more than another installment of a diminishing trilogy. however, the fight scene between yoda and count dookie made up for two and a half hours of crap. just so you know, go see it just for that. that's all. i hope i didn't look too much like a geek.

as for my last entrie. i apologize to anyone who was either offended or worried by it. i just had never felt more like the world was falling me than i did that day. this weekend made up for it. have a good one all.
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