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why me?

in one 12 hour period. i get in trouble at work.... again. my landlord calls and tells me they just now tried to cash my check and it has bounced. i find out i'm going to have to pay rent twice this month. i'm going to have to go take another loan out. my boss is pissed at me. and he's almost never pissed. my apartment's a mess. i have no money and i'm going absolutely insane. not to mention the fact that i'm going to have to pay for school in two weeks. this is fucking retarded. i finally get check and the first one i write bounces because they decide to try to cash it twenty days after i wrote it. i hate money so much. i try to get my finances in order. i try to do something that might help me. and look, this is exactly what i said when i said i hate checks because checks bounce. i hate this....
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I can understand that all of that is really stressing, but don't say that you want to die. even if you're not serious, it's not exactly something to joke about. but if you are serious, I really hope that you change your mind about that. smile. ;)
you know, i write about damn near everything in this stupid fucking journal. and nobody gives a damn until i talk about suicide. thanks.
I'm sorry. I don't normally comment on what people write. I didn't mean to make you mad or anything.
and i am sorry for lashing out at you. if you have time some day i could explain my situation to you.
ok. I'll be home later today after 3 or so I think. I have your screen name, so if you're not away or anything, I'll IM you. ;)